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Support Vessels- SOTP style

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#1 Lord Stark

Lord Stark

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Posted 11 March 2016 - 09:23 PM

One of the cool aspects about the vanilla game were support cruisers, they added cool variation to the standard mainline vessels on the front lines.  Halo has a few support vessels both Covenant and UNSC, but they do exist:




Daidochi-class support vessel- Packed with ammunition and materiel for fleet action, these vessels were critical in maintaining UNSC vessels armed and ready for immediate responses with the constant degradation of supply lines during the war.  In 2553 after decades of research the ONI scientists efforts finally bore fruit on shield technology, requiring large vessels that could be converted to providing the high energy, the Daidochi proved perfect for the jury rigging of these systems.

  • Ability A: MAC Rounds- The Daidochi replenishes MAC rounds at a faster rate allowing for faster rates of fire and ability.  
  • Ability B: Shield Dome (Unlocked late game)- The Daidochi emits a shield that cloaks the surrounding vessels in X radius.  Shield goes away as soon as the Daidochi is destroyed or the vessels leave the sphere of influence. 

Refs: http://www.halopedia...Ammunition_ship


Orion-class assault carrier/ Phoenix-class support vessel- Considered state-of-the-art when it was introduced, the Orion-class assault carrier incorporated the miniaturized and reconfigurable automated factories and chemical processors that were commonly found in colony support vessels, allowing the carriers to produce fuel, spare parts, and rarely even complete combat vehicles without outside assistance/ Converted from old colony vessels, these support ships are designed with a specialized MAC gun for orbital bombardments.  

  • Ability A: Invasion- Rapidly deploys tanks and bases at key strategic locations, cementing control over the world. (Colonization, basically)
  • Ability B: Orbital bombardment- Rains tungsten down upon enemy installations.  
  • Ability C: Invasion coordination- The holotank suite of these vessels are ideal for coordinating planetary invasions increasing their efficiencies.


Covenant: (Also get a support Capital Ship)

DSC-class support ship- Containing large biodomes filled with hunting reserves for animals as well as massive crews of Huragok for rapid repair and refit.  Often ministerial San'Shyuum take up residence aboard these vessels when larger CAS-class vessels are unavailable, with them feeling more at home amongst the simulated wilderness. 

  • Ability A: Defense Huragok Swarm (Uses Rankulas Nanite swarm ability)-  Huragok swarm projects an overshields onto a group of vessels, increases max shield points.  Ref: http://www.halopedia..._Overshield.jpg
  • Ability B: Extended Supply Lines- The presence of the DSC-class allows the Covenant military to field larger invasion forces hastening the invasion.

RCS-class armored cruiser (Or Carrack-class merchant cruiser)- The RCS served for decades as the Covenant's primary compliance vessel, these vessels, supplemented by Prelate supervisors from the Ministry of Discovery fitted with modern systems now serve in a support function throughout the Covenant fleets. 

  • Ability A:  Stasis Enfolder System- Captures enemy vessels in a powerful energy field, disabling them temporarily.  (If too OP make it so that way its a powerful energy shield that surrounds them making them incapable of movement/ weapon fire, but impervious to damage).
  • Ability B: Reverence- Deploys an occupation/ excavation military force, occupying the world. (Basically colonization)

DDS-class carrier (Modified DDS, like Ascendant Justice)- These modified DDS-class carriers often served as secondary flagship and support vessels lacking occupational forces in favor of massive complements of Huragok.  The small Sangheili crews often made these vessels favored by San'Shyuum minor Prophets wishing to be unburdened by Sangheili military doctrines.

  • Ability A: Defense Huragok Swarm- Huragok swarm projects an overshields onto a group of vessels, increases max shield points.  Ref: http://www.halopedia...Overshield.jpg/ " Motes of dust swirled between the numerous ships: Seraph fighters, dropships, and tentacled Engineer pods."- Halo: First Strike
  • Ability B: SpecOps boarding-  SpecOps lead by a Prelate boarding parties with Huragok are deployed disabling key systems of enemy vessels. Animation of a single boarding craft. (Disables MAC gun and engines for X seconds)
  • Ability C: Anti-matter bomb-  The SpecOps teams secretly plant anti-matter bombs aboard UNSC vessels, when these ships are destroyed they hit all nearby enemy ships with damage.
  • Ability D: Associated Intelligence- Intelligence stolen from human AI allows for the DDS to use pinpoint slipspace jumps.  


#2 Fleet ADM. Drian

Fleet ADM. Drian

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Posted 14 March 2016 - 03:21 PM

I like this idea, but some of the things if I remember correctly wouldn't be able to work as the Sins engine wouldn't support, the targeting of only the "MACS" of ships, with weapons its either all weapons disabled or improved, or "energy weapons" only; with research can you specify the exact weapon type to get a increase or decrease in effectiveness. If I am wrong feel free to correct me, it has been awhile since I have dived into Sins Modding.


In all honesty though a really good idea, maybe at least it can mostly be implemented.

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