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Capital victory setting not working properly?

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Posted 24 September 2016 - 02:45 PM

When enabling the capital victory settings for any map, if I lose my capital, I lose the game automatically. I cannot switch my capital, so everything there works fine, right?


However, when I bomb the enemy AI's capital the AI player doesn't lose. I haven't tested this on a 1v1 yet, but I can at least confirm for games with multiple players on each team (2v2, 3v3).. the AI doesn't lose right then and there. I've yet to finish a game to completion because hunting down every single one of the AI's planets is way too tedious. They can still attack even with their capital destroyed. Is this intentional?


edit: Okay, I did the 3v3 Will of the Gods - UNSC start map with the capital victory setting. I bombed high charity, sanghelios, and the other 3rd Covie capital. Nothing happened upon bombing all 3 capitals, shouldn't this be considered a win?

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